Akcess BioMetrics

Akcess Biometrics Corporation, is a Palmer, Massachusetts based developer and reseller of unique biometric products for physical and network security. Akcess Biometrics Corporation deploys identification and security products that recognize people by their unique fingerprint characteristics. Fingerprint readers solve the significant problems associated with traditional access methods from a security standpoint. Akcess Biometrics Corporation is dedicated to the application of biometric technologies and establishing representation in key biometrics security associations to assure a successful materialization of biometrics in our daily lives. Akcess Biometrics Corporation is headquartered in Palmer, Massachusetts, with offices providing sales and technical support in other parts of the United States.

Main Postal Address: PO Box 932, Palmer, MA 01069
Telephone: 413-289-6050
FAX: 413-228-0094
General Information: info@aksbio.com